Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Keith R. Bastianini

Following a start as a student in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Saturday Tam O’Shanter art program, I abandoned art for a career in Anthropology and Archaeology.  The regular need for photographic and graphic art skills in my career as an archaeologist has led me to develop my skills as an artist. I enjoy creating works that reflect a life-long love of science fiction, dark fantasy, and pulp adventures. I find inspiration in the classic artists of the pulp magazines - Margaret Brundage, Virgil Finley, Frank Frazetta, H.J. Ward, Norman Saunders, and J. Allen St. John among many others.  My work also demonstrates a love of pin-up and an investigative interest in "fringe" sciences and the paranormal.


Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 15102
412 835-2090