Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Justin Macioce

I am currently employed as a full time graphic designer for one of Pittsburgh's most inovative companies, Davison Design in their Inventionland. There I work with a design team that helps clients develope new and unique products. My tasks include package design, product display design, and virtual boards of product prototypes using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D modeling with Blender. Prior to that, I worked as a full time concept artist, executing product design and development, initial thumbnail concept sketches, technical drawings for product specifications, instructional sheets for product assembly, logo and package design, and computer generated renderings of final products. I have also done and continue to do freelance work for publishing companies and personal clients. I also work as a musician, performing and recording as a drummer and percussionist. Specialties: Computer generated graphics and art, logo design, packaging design, technical drawings, cartooning and sci-fi/fantasy illustration


Verona, Pennsylvania 15147
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