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Dan Senneway

Daniel Senneway is an illustrator

from Pittsburgh’s North Hills. He

graduated from Slippery Rock

University with a BFA in Fine Arts.

During his senior year, he was

recognized by the Bottle Brush

Gallery in Harmony, PA. The following

year, Dan joined the Pittsburgh

Society of Illustrators and began to

vend at local art and craft shows

under the name After Dark

Illustrations. He refers to these works

as The After Dark due to the nature

of their subject matter; the works

mostly depict small towns and iconic

locations under the cover of night.

The time he’s spent in Slippery Rock

and Harmony draws Dan to the

nostalgic feel of small towns and his

illustrations capture them in

quietude. The stories in his works

allow for every viewer to see

themselves; each piece encourages

reflection and personal


interpretation. Some say they

they’ve seen these pieces in a

dream and a few have said these

artworks triggered a forgotten

memory or something from their

childhood. To create these lonely

and peaceful moments, Dan utilizes

his unique style: strong color

contrast and array of cool-toned

colors. He loved the process and

feel of linoleum block prints and

developed his own technique to

achieve this look digitally, through

Photoshop. He draws from life,

photographing reference images

during the day and digitally

rendering the image entirely by

hand. Dan also has an interest in

“the darker side of night,” where he

combines these peaceful night

scenes with his love of folklore and

the paranormal. His body of work is

slowly developing a life of it’s own

as After Dark continuously grows. 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
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  • Book
  • Architectural/Interior
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Children


  • Digital Paint
  • Mixed Media
  • Pittsburgh